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Who Am I?

By Xuming He

Current Position

Professional Honors and Associations

Professional Services

  • Co-editor of JASA (Theory & Methods), 2012-1014;

  • Chair of the Program Committee, 59th World Statistics Congress of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) (at Hong Kong, 2013);

  • Chair, ASA Committee on Meetings, 2012-2016;

  • Program Chair, Joint Statistical Meetings, 2010;

  • Editor of the IMS Bulletin (2007-2010);

  • Associate Editor of The Annals of Statistics (2004--2011); Associate Editor of Journal of the Royal Statistical Society; Series B (since 2010); Co-Editor of Sankhya (2005-2008); Editor of Journal of Multivariate Analysis (1998-2004); Associate Editor of Statistica Sinica (1996-2002, and 2005 - 2011) and Statistics and Probability Letters (1994-2010);

  • ASA Committee on Noether Awards (2008-2011), ASA Committee on Meetings (2009-2011 and as Chair 2012-2017), the Search Committee for the ASA Executive Director (2006), ASA Committee on Federally Funded Research (2006-2009), ASA Committee on Scientific Freedom and Human Rights (1998-2000);

  • Elected Council member of IMS 2004-2006; Chair of the IMS Travel Award Committee (2005-2006); Chair of the IMS Nomination Committee (2005-2006); Chair of the IMS Ad hoc Committee on IMS China (2007);

  • President of the International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA) (2010); On the Board of Directors of ICSA (2003-2005, 2009-2011);Chair of the ICSA Nomination and Election Committee (2005);

  • Elected Council member of the ISI (2012-2017); Chair of ISI Publications Committee (2015-2018); Member of ISI Awards Committee (2016-2017);

Other Positions Held


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